Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraudOften, people try to intentionally deceive insurance companies or hide important facts about an insurance matter to receive more money from their claims. Every year, insurance companies worldwide, lose millions to insurance fraud. To help companies better fight insurance fraud, BRC sarl has specialized in investigating insurance claims.

We have a lot of experience investigating a wide range of cases of insurance fraud. One common example is car theft and the loss of valuable objects, where we often find the objects were intentionally hidden or sold already. Another area where insurance fraud is very common is in personal injury claims. These type of cases often involve a large sum of money. Often, in such cases, after thorough research, our investigators find out that the injury complaints were either fake or greatly exaggerated.

BRC sarl has also worked for several high profile cases of art thefts. In the year 2000 in collaboration with the FBI, we managed to recuperate a work of art (stolen painting of Rubens) “Man with collar”. The painting is now exposed at the Museum of Art in Antwerp. In 2002, in an undercover operation with the judicial police of Antwerp, we seized a Breugel which was stolen in 1946 from the Museum of Dreesden “View with a windmill and white horse”.

By supporting our investigations with lots of pictures and video material without ever alerting the claimant we are able to create a complete report that will hold up in court, thus saving the insurance companies large amounts of money.

In addition, even when a claim seems genuine and the losses or injuries prove to be real, further investigation may prove that the claimer intentionally hid important facts leading to the event of the claim, affecting the company’s liability.