Litigation Support

B.R.C. sarl offers extensive litigation support services for law firms and other corporations. In court, one critical piece of evidence can make the difference between winning and losing a case. Therefore, we collect all evidence and provide all necessary intelligence. According to a formal definition of BRCsarls operations, offers litigation support services. It collects business intelligence and evidence and provides strategic counseling for legal disputes. It also able to provide intelligence to locate assets, discover indications of corruption or conflicts of interests — all in line with the legal system in each country.

Our litigation support service is very flexible and is unique for every assignment. By investigating all events related to the case, we are able to provide a full assessment of what actually happened. Often, we are also responsible for background investigations of involved individuals or corporations, tracing and interviewing key witnesses, preparing evidence for court and forensic examinations of evidence, for example electronic devices.

We have provided our litigation support services for many large corporations, and our services have proven to be enormously valuable in several long legal battles that were extensively covered by the media. In addition, the expertise of our investigators across many fields and countries has proven to be an important asset in several cases.

Also, before our clients embark into lengthy legal procedures, we are often asked to determine the ability of the other party to pay the potential compensations as a result of the court action.