Corporate Investigations

Our investigators have a large amount of experience in many types of corporate investigation. We give our clients a personal service and work on tailoring an assignment to the specific needs of our clients. We works closely together with our client to make sure the expected objectives are reached.

B.R.C.’s major principles when doing corporate investigation are our credibility, confidentiality, promptness and reliability in conducting the investigations. When conducting these investigations, we maintain total discretion to ensure the investigation is only known to the client.

Code of Conduct Violations

We are often hired when a company suspects violations of the corporate code of conduct by employees. These types of violations can cause financial losses and can seriously harm the company’s image, therefore it is of the greatest importance for the company that any violations are quickly discovered and stopped.

Supply Chain Losses

When a corporation faces supply chain losses in the manufacturing plants or the distribution centers, our investigators have a large amount of experience to trace these losses and find the source of the problem.

supply chaun losses2

Fraud and Embezzlement

We have assisted several corporations that suspected fraud or embezzlement. A combination of our thorough understanding of accounting principles and the local laws allow us to conduct the investigation and uncover the fraud or embezzlement and compile a report on the scheme that was used.