Security Support Services

Security support servicesB.R.C. sarl offers a wide range of security support services. With these services, we can make sure both individuals and facilities are protected without disrupting the company’s business operations.

Site Security

Every security-related project is unique. Therefore, we always carefully research the area in which the site is located. By combining this with our knowledge of the global region of the site we are able to help develop effective security policies and procedures tailored to the specific needs of this site.

We believe that site security is not just a matter of physical measures like access control, cameras and perimeter walls. Security is an attitude that needs to be developed by every person in the organization and with our experience we are able to assist you in developing this attitude across the entire organization.

Protecting Individuals

When executive personnel are travelling to a site, whether for a business meeting or a high profile event, it is important that their personal safety is guaranteed at all times. To do this, we work together with our local partners who know everything about the specifics of the area the executive is travelling to.

In addition, we also help corporate personnel and their family when expatriating to a specific location with a wide range of topics and we develop a specific solution that fits both the individual’s preferences and his corporate responsibilities.