Risk Assessment

For large corporations, it is important to correctly assess the risks they face. This can be both global risks as well as risks specific to their business. We at BRC sarl use our large network of resources to help corporations assess their risk and help them with risk mitigation. Below you can find several examples of areas where we have previously helped companies assess their risks.

Geographical Risks

For multinational companies active in multiple regions it is important to know and understand the risks related to each region. To do this, we are able to compile complete reports on specific regions concerning safety, labor laws, government bureaucracy, local jurisdiction, …

More specifically, we also help corporate personnel travelling or expatriating to a specific location with a wide range of topics, going from information local crises to more practical issues like finding drivers and domestic personnel and local airport security.

Business Logistics Risks

For a company to be able to run smoothly it has to understand the risks involved in the logistics operations of transporting resources and products to and from your terrains. That is why we have a vast expertise in investigation transportation companies, clearing customs, detecting and limiting product losses and more.