Aviation Security Training

Whether you work for an airline, airport, civil aviation authority or AVSEC service provider, it is crucial to understand current threats and risks to security and how to manage them.

This is why BRC training services on Aviation Security provide professional experts working in the aviation industry with timely and up to date courses on the legislation, strategies and tactics for addressing today’s security challenges.

With courses ranging from security operations and procedures to security planning, crisis management and security intelligence, you can find training for every step of your career and your professional interests.

At BRC we believe that every security training is unique and every individual participating in our seminars and courses deserve the best educational experience in the field.

With respect to the value of training and its contribution to the professional growth of individuals and companies our educational philosophy is threefold and is based on the following principles:

  • Holistic and Integrated training with an emphasis on the trainee and its professional needs
  • Knowledge development and expertise through specialized training
  • Globalized perspective on security threats, risks and challenges

Our key training strategy is to deliver aviation security services by creating an environment for our trainees that promotes customer satisfaction, sustains the highest levels of security outcomes and optimizes productivity. Thus our strategy we know what particular training is required to ensure a high standard of service with optimal security outcomes.

We recognize and appreciate the importance of managing effective teams and companies and the importance of clearly defined roles and responsibilities for everyone involved in the aviation industry. We acknowledge the effect team structure and management capability has on staff performance. We also focus on preparing leaders in the field of Aviation security.

”Excellence” in the AviationSecurity is the result of joint efforts and not simply individual performance in isolation. Our training programs reflect these key influencers.

We place a strong emphasis on informal training to complement a thorough and expertly produced formal training program. We believe that with the right mix between formal training programs, a continuous learning culture, strong communication frameworks and inclusive and open leadership; staff can be trained effectively throughout their lifecycle.

We are proactive and responsive to the regulatory environment, emerging industry trends and needs, and embrace a consultative approach. This is why we conduct a training needs analysis for our clients prior to the deliverance of any training services and an impact assessment at the completion of every training.

Our team of experts combine Academic experience and experience on the field while we can assess effectively global risks and threats at an integrated level.

Following our training philosophy and strategy our courses focus upon the following categories:

  • Aviation Security Awareness
  • Aviation Security Management.
  • In-flight Security.
  • Leadership and Team Building in Aviation Security.
  • Crisis Management.
  • Human Behavior and Conflict Resolution.
  • Risk Assessment and Threats (Vulnerability Audit).
  • Intelligence and Security Planning in Aviation Security.
  • Recognition of Firearms, Explosives and Incendiary Devices.
  • Asset Protection.
  • Corporate Security.

Ultimately, our goal at BRC is always to provide aviation security risk management solutions that are streamlined to support and complement the business operations of the airports and airlines, as well as enhancing “customer experience” and throughput of those passengers using the airport facilities.