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Bigkeris has experience in intelligence and criminal investigations. During his career, he served the European and the US intelligence community as a counter-intelligence specialist.

He has also experience in intellectual property rights, counterfeit and piracy, financial and insurance fraud, money laundering, smuggling and counter band investigations.

In the private sector, he has conducted thousands of corporate investigations dealing with internal and external civil and criminal matters and also he has experience in risk assessment and executive protection and security.

Today, he is also operating as a Director for The European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center in Greece and the Balkans.


Art is the Managing Director of Alpha Group International in the United States of America and has prior government experience in criminal investigations and intelligence. During his career with the US Department of the Treasury, he specialized in narcotics, money laundering and smuggling investigations.

He covered the same issues, as well as counter-intelligence and high technology transfer, for the US intelligence community. In the private sector, Art has held several managerial positions, and was director of investigations for a major international security consulting firm.

He has conducted hundreds of corporate investigations dealing with internal or external civil and criminal matters and also has experience in risk assessment, executive protection and physical security.

Art holds an MBA degree with honors in International Management from Golden Gate University.


Honorary Hellenic Police Lieutenant General (retired)
Greg has a long experience in directing various Hellenic Police Directorates and Divisions specializing at operations in respect to, homeland security, crime prevention, counter-terrorism, crisis management, crowd management, hostage release, counter-kidnapping, special operations planning and execution, illegal trafficking in firearms, counter-drug dealing, fight against organized crime, etc.

He participated in various leading international organizations fighting International Crime as a Work-team member at the EUROPEAN UNION, INTERPOL, IAEA, NATO, OSCE, SECI, UN.

EUROPOL: Management Board Member, National Hellenic Representative.

As well as Leadership Programmer Member at the USA DEPARTMENT OF STATE.


Vice (3-star)-Admiral HCG (rtd.)

Honorary Director-General for Security & Law Enforcement of the HCG.

Graduate of the German School of Thessaloniki (1976-1982), holder of an Athens University (Panteios) Honors Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science & International Studies (1982-1986) and of a London City University Business School MSc (Master’s) Degree in Shipping, Trade & Finance (1996-1997).  Member of G.C. Marshall’s Center global network of Counterterrorism & Law Enforcement professionals.

During his 30-year long career in the Hellenic Coast Guard (1986-2016) he served as Counselor for Maritime and Security affairs in the Permanent Representation of Greece to the European Union (Brussels, 2002-2005), represented the HCG in various International Organizations and acted as member of the EMSA administrative board (2002-2005) and of the FRONTEX management board (2008-2016), as well as member of the board of directors of the Interior Ministry’s Center for Security Studies (2011-2015).  He was the longest-serving Security Director in the history of the HCG Headquarters.

Awarded with all honorary distinctions of his rank and on occasion of his discharge from the serving ranks he was named by presidential decree as HCG HQs Honorary Director General for Security and Law Enforcement.

Speaks English, German and French.


Dimosthenis Manginas is tha Managing Partner of the “Manginas & Partners”, a Law firm based in Luxembourg and Athens; he specializes in the formation of corporate structures, due diligence, ant-money laundering investigations, compliance checks and brand protection.

Ηe has extensive expertise in providing services related to Intellectual Property rights, Information Technology and Telecom (IT&T) Law, Commercial Law etc. Meantime he is a Shareholder and Member of the Board of Directors of several Defense, Aerospace, and Energy companies.

Mr. Manginas served for two years in Brussels, as Attaché to the Permanent Representation of Greece to the European Union, in Telecommunications, Information Society & Postal Services, as well as Counselor to the Greek Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications.


Albers has over 25 years of experience in private investigations.During his career he handled many civil investigations in Europe as well as in Northern Africa and he has also extensive experience in intellectual property rights, counterfeit and insurance fraud investigations.

He completed one year of specialization at the University of Leuven (KUL,) Multidisciplinary Forensic Investigations Dept. Today he is successfully running the BRC Recovery Department.


Hadjiloizou served the Cyprus police for a period of thirty-nine years. During his long career, he has served in many different posts amongst others the Presidential Guard, the Criminal Investigation Dept., the Central Intelligence Dept. and the Drug Law Enforcement Unit where he was the first Commander. He attended numerous courses and seminars by the FBI, DEA and New Scotland Yard. He has experience in drugs smuggling, money laundering, organized crime, fraud, import of counterfeit goods and other crimes. In 1995 he was awarded by the U.S. Congress for his contribution in the fight against organized crime. In 1996 he was appointed by the President of the Republic of Cyprus as Chief of Police and retired in 1998.

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